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Diễn Viên Nicole Aria

Nicole Aria

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Despite her reputation as a self-proclaimed 'Super Slut,' there is a hidden, softer side to doe-eyed beauty Nicole Aria. This kind-natured soul enjoys a laidback lifestyle off-camera, which includes eating organic pumpkin pie and knitting! With a docile temperament, the short-haired brunette from LA fantasizes about being pinned down and dominated by a partner who has an exceedingly high sex drive to match her own. Whether it involves her costars tying her up with bondage and then fisting her pink pussy, or treating the busty nympho to a hardcore anal pounding doggystyle, Nicole loves being submissive in front of the camera! The curvaceous cutie’s gorgeous boobs are a magnet for sex enthusiasts, while her accommodating nature, ravishing figure, and stunning smile have elevated her to one of the most sought-after stars within the industry. When Nicole isn’t keeping herself in perfect shape by hiking, this athletic, all-natural babe likes to snack on delicious food, her favorites being sushi, pizza, and soup. We have no doubt that Nicole will make a lasting impact on porn fans, who will soon be demanding more of her tantalizing talents! Check out her bangin’ scenes below!

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